About MONK

MONK’s exceptional talent stems from faith and belief that everyone has creativity flowing through them. MONK invites people to paint on Canvases and let their own creativity flow through them to create stunning works of Art. Each encounter truly creates magnificent paintings that are enjoyed all over the world. MONK has travelled extensively to over 90 countries and has enjoyed learning and growing as an artist by sharing talent with whomever or whatever MONK comes across. Many people seek out MONK to paint on Original works because the experience is life changing in such a positive way.

"Storytelling is in my blood and my art reflects this with every stroke."

"I love bold colour squishing through my fingers, pouring onto the canvas. My paintings express my energy and joy. When I paint the work stops as hours melt into minutes. When I am not actually painting I often dream of painting. To me creating is the very essence of life. My appetite for painting has never been satisfied. I love to learn; I am curious by nature and I am not afraid of failure….because failure does not exist – only learning and growth."

MONK lives primarily in Parksville, Vancouver Island in British Columbia but also has a beautiful sanctuary in Molokai in Hawaii. This prime Oceanfront studio sits on an amazing bluff. A beautiful desirable vista of the entire west coast of Molokai on to Diamond Head and Oaku in Hawaii. Situated on the longest white sand beach in the State of Hawaii, and perhaps the most gorgeous view in all of Hawaii, drop by the Sanctuary on Molokai where many come to visit MONK and see all the stunning scenery and watch the large waves tumble in. 

Please join MONK and leave your legacy on a Masterpiece. A truly Unique Experience!

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