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Painting at Craig Street Market in Parksville

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Paint With MONK

Collaborative, Commemorative and Community Art

Join MONK’s Collaborations

NODAR’S SPIRIT was a world-wide collaborative painting MONK created celebrating Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luger who died at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
YouTube tribute


Summer Collaborations

Throughout the summer in Parksville MONK invites everyone to join in on a new painting. You can add your brush strokes, sign the back as a contributor and at the end of the season the original and giclée prints will be for sale. Current works in progress are at Rathtrevor Beach and Cathedral Grove.

Commemorative Art Works

A MONK art work can be personalized like no other.
Would you like your newborn’s footprints on the painting?
Would a family reunion be even more memorable with everyone contributing and signing a finished painting?
Would a celebration of life be even more meaningful with a unique art work as a keepsake?

What event or celebration would you like to commemorate with a group participation painting?

Phone MONK to plan an amazing experience for your family, Corporate or social group.

Community Paintings

MONK group paintings can be a truly unique fund raiser! The completed original painting, giclée prints in a variety of sizes and photos of the participants in the process with MONK can all generate revenues for your group while having fun creating the painting.