Portfolio - Paintings in Oils by MONK

75676_BLUE_CLAM_SEA, 09/07/18, 9:46 AM, 8C, 3838×10858 (2550+325), 108%, Custom, 1/25 s, R65.3, G51.3, B63.7

74285_CATHEDRAL_GROVE_2017, 07/12/17, 10:35 AM, 8C, 7442×9519 (507+1976), 108%, Custom, 1/25 s, R65.7, G51.3, B63.3

71544_AUTUMN_FLAME3, 22/11/16, 8:12 AM, 8C, 6778×9493 (1197+1248), 108%, Custom, 1/25 s, R65.2, G51.2, B64.0

MONK’s original paintings are often sold before they are finished. When they are offered in giclee the giclee number is given in the image description. To view a larger image and the full image description please click on the thumbnail.

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Water … seascapes, storms, beaches, islands, rocks, boats …

Forests … old growth cedar, birches, arbutus, Cathedral Grove …

Landscapes … gardens…wildlife