Contact & About MONK

Biography and Artist’s Statement

MONK started painting in water colours about 25 years ago, and has gone on to study oil painting extensively, as well as branching out into acrylics and hand carving. MONK is constantly learning and has studied under many wonderful artists, as well as travelling the globe for inspiration.

“Storytelling is in my blood and my art reflects this with every stroke. I love bold colour squishing through my fingers, pouring onto the canvas. My paintings express my energy and joy. When I paint the work stops as hours melt into minutes. When I am not actually painting I dream of painting.
To me creating is the very essence of life. My appetite for painting has never been satisfied. I love to learn; I am curious by nature and I am not afraid of failure . . . because failure does not exist – only learning and growth.”

MONK lives primarily in Parksville, BC; but also has a home in Molokai Hawaii.

Original art by Monk and hand embellished giclée prints can be purchased by contacting MONK at the email address or phone number given in the footer on every page.